Parsec's central focus is to develop software products that assist clients in rapidly improving the productivity of their manufacturing operations. Parsec's acclaimed TrakSYSâ„¢ suite is the most technologically advanced and scalable real-time performance management (RPM) software application that is available today. This is not just our opinion; it is the judgment of our clients who after careful review have consistently selected Parsec's RPM software over the competition.
Canary Labs
Canary Labs is the solution that organizations turn to when their existing historian can't meet the scale or complexity of their environment. Their solution has been proven effective in almost every industry with over 10,000 implementations in 24 countries. Their simple, efficient design is a powerful Historian and Trending solution that the world's leading companies have come to rely on to enhance production visibility, reduce down time and eliminate product waste.

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Products include:

TrakSYS - the leading real-time performance management and decision support software. Without production disruption TrakSYS helps manufacturers to significantly improve asset utilization and efficiency, increase capacity, reduce productin costs and improve profitability. With measurable ROI, TrakSYS fuels Lean, Six Sigma, TPM, and Operational Excellence efforts.
LEANTrak - packs the power of Parsec’s TrakSYS software into a portable package that may be rapidly deployed without installation, wiring, programming, infrastructure changes, or production disruption.
SENSORTrak - easy-to-deploy device that is used for collecting data from production assets (equipment, line, cell, etc.) that typically lack communication capability.
Products include:
InfoLink - An exciting new application that builds on the foundations created by Canary's Trend Historian and Trend Link.
Trend Link - Viewer designed to make it easy for any user to get the data they need and format it the way they want.

• InfoLink Specification
• Trend Link Specification
The Longwatch Surveillance System provides multi-bandwidth video surveillance for REMOTE facilities and infrastructure. Longwatch equips users with short, alarm-based video clips captured at the remote location, capitalizing on the EXISTING PLC/SCADA communications network to transport video event clips to the HOST SCADA system or cell phone. Video clips are stored in the Alarm Summary of the SCADA system for easy retrieval.
Products include:
Longwatch Surveillance System - multi-bandwidth video surveillance for REMOTE facilities and infrastructure.
Video Historian - breakthrough in data management: automatically linking and integrating real plant video to help improve plant efficiency, documentation regulatory compliance and operations management
Console Recorder - a software module that enables automatic recording of your HMI or SCADA operator's console display.

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Video Historian
Integrated Video for SCADA

Longwatch Video System
 Video Control Center
Remote Video Engine
• Micro Video Engine
Longwatch Video Engine
Access Control
• Operators Console Recorder
OP/Station is a leading provider of industrial workstation products.
Products include:

OP/Station - Industrial Workstations for manufacturing environments
processRecords® is a powerful tool for capturing and consolidating data that is manually entered into batch/production sheets, transcribed post process into spreadsheets or collected by automation. With its simple interface, you can build forms based on your existing (or new) records and define a workflow for execution, compliant with the ISA S95 standard. During a run, the operators may enter data manually, view data collected automatically and review calculated data on the forms. Once the form is submitted, the integrated data is stored in a secure repository for viewing, reporting and analysis
Flexible bioreactor control system for benchtop cell culture and fermentation applications.  Controls and monitors critical variables, such as:
• process gases (up to five mass flow controllers for sparge and overlay)
• dissolved oxygen
• pH
• temperature
• process pumps (fixed or variable speed)
• agitiation

Also features event based recipe management.

The NEMA 4X control station is designed to control two bioreactors.  Connections to probes, pumps, process gasses and heater are all easily accessible.  Top of the unit is designed with a drip pan and guard rail for bottles or scales.
NetworkVision provides IntraVUE, a robust tool for diagnosing problems with IP-enabled automated devices.
Products include:
IntraVUE - a robust tool for diagnosing problems with IP-enabled automated devices.
 Easy-to-use graphical tool
 Easy to learn and can be understood in a few minutes
 Ideal for troubleshooting and network security
Products include:

Stratus Servers - High-reliability Servers
 Fault Tolerant
 Ideal for mission-critical solutions
 Linux/Windows compatible
Stratus - High-reliability servers for use with Microsoft, Windows, and Intel, technology
Products include:

Win-911 - Full-featured Alarm Notification Software
 Integration into existing SCADA or Stand Alone
The Most Widely Used Alarm Notification Software for the Automation Industry
Specter Instruments
SyTech, Inc - Specialist in Automated Report Generation
Products include:

XLReporter - Storing Reports in electronic form has many benefits:

• Reduction in cost.
• Standardize report formats.
• Increase responsiveness to public inquiries.
• Minimal storage needs.
• Efficient and reliable data exchange.
• Facilitates future research and analysis.
SyTech, Inc
Software Toolbox
Software Toolbox is your source for industrial automation software, from project conception to completion. Software Toolbox is the leading provider of automation software tools including ActiveX controls, DDE servers, OPC servers, development toolkits and more.
Products include:

Software Toolbox


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